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Head Out on a Heritage Tour

Driving through the countryside can often be the best way to experience a region. Now with ComfortCountry’s self-guided Heritage Tour, you can enhance your trip and ensure you see and take part in Madoc, Marmora, Stirling, and Tweed’s top attractions.

Comfort Country’s Heritage Tour takes you throughout the region, with stops along the way that include a trip to the Marmora Mine and the O’Hara Mill Homestead in Madoc. The mine trip makes a great hike with a fabulous view of Marmora from atop the mine itself. At the homestead you can see handcrafted furniture and artifacts that date back to more than 100 years ago.

Continue on to the Tweed Heritage Centre for a glimpse into the town’s history and to see artwork by local artists and artisans. In Stirling, the Agricultural Museum is an afternoon of education in farming methods employed by this region before commercial farming set in.

The tour can be customized so you can visit these destinations in any order you like. View the Heritage Tour.

Location: 638 Mill Road Box 56, Madoc

The O'Hara Mill Homestead is a pioneer farm homestead tourist attraction consisting of 10 pioneer buildings, including the oldest water-powered sawmill operating in it's original location in Ontario. Nature trails. Picnic areas. Special heritage events.

(613) 967-2466
Location: Box 665 40 Victoria St. N., Tweed

The Tweed Heritage Centre, a one-stop introduction to the Tweed area, features an Information Bureau, Local Arts & Crafts room, Art Gallery, Museum, Reference Room and Archives, and a Genealogical Centre. Discover our extensive, comprehensive collections.

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