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Plunge In and Over the Ottawa River

Extreme adventure awaits you on – and over – the Ottawa River. Book a whitewater rafting trip with Wilderness Tours and pair it with bungee jumping for a remarkable adventure.

On the water, you’ll plunge into swift moving water in white water rapids along the Ottawa River. The four to six hour day trip will have your heart pumping, but also includes downtime so you can swim at a sandy beach or relax onshore.

Elevate your experience with bungee jumping, where you can dive 150 feet over the Ottawa River with the wind against your face and your heart in your throat. It’s the adventure of a lifetime!

Wilderness Tours operates from Beachburg, Ontario. There are overnight packages available if you’d like to extend your stay and make use of the facilities at Rafters Resort, which features a dining room, lounge with live band nights, patio deck, rec room, and hot tubs.

Location: 503 Rafting Rd. PO Box 89, Beachburg

Canada's Biggest Whitewater Rafting Company and Adventure Resort! Great food, luxury accommodations, expansive resort and of course, incredible Rafting on the Ottawa River! Have an exciting Getaway this summer!

(613) 646-2291

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