Location: 41 Prince Albert W P O Box 744 , Madoc

Coffee Shop - brewed coffee, espresso, coffee beans, light lunch

(613) 473-9994
Location: 4 Gore Street, Perth

Our Bistrodeli locations are designed to offer you healthy meal choices, packed with flavour and freshness.

(613) 267-5000
Location: 17 Wilson Street East, Perth

At Coutts & Company we source a broad selection of the finest and highest grade Arabica coffee beans from various regions of the world. On a daily basis, we roast our coffees to ensure freshness and quality.

(613) 267-3713
Location: 1 Sherbrooke St, Perth

Speciality Coffee and Tea, Light Lunch, Coffee Beans, Coffee & Teas Merchandise, etc.

(613) 267-3713
Location: 2 Newcastle Street, Minden

We are a small independant cafe in scenic down town Minden. We have delicious food (see online menu, call for daily specials), we specialize in lunch/brunch, foods of the world, frozen meals, espresso bar and more. We offer vegetarian, vegan, gluten free.

(705) 286-4804
Location: 1068 Rideau Ferry Road, Rideau Ferry, Ontario

We offer three businesses in a pleasant garden setting overlooking the Rideau Lakes. "SEW CRAFTY", "THE FERRY GARDEN", AND "RIDEAU LAKES CAFE AND DESSERT BAR" all combine to create a unique shopping experience.

(613) 264-1547

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