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Fast Facts

Ontario’s Highlands has a rich geological heritage that makes this region unique and full of interesting discoveries. Here are some “fast facts” about recreational geology that may peak your interest and help you learn more about this growing activity before embarking on a geological journey of your own.

  1. The Ontario Highland’s region represents only 2% of the province’s total area, but nearly one-third of Ontario specimens in the Smithsonian Institute online mineral collection dataset are found in this region. Geographical info: Smithsonian DB:
  2. 1,710 sites of interest have been identified in Ontario’s Highlands according to the Mineral Deposit Index of the Ontario Geological Survey
  3. More than 300 types of minerals have been identified in Ontario’s Highlands, 12 of which were originally discovered here
  4. The first discovery of gold in Ontario was made at the Richardson Mine in 1866 according to Geology and Scenery, Peterborough, Bancroft, and Madoc
  5. Bancroft is known as Canada’s Mineral Capital
  6. Eganville is the Ordovician Fossil Capital of Canada
  7. “Geoheritage” is a familiar term in Lanark County – try it out during your stay!


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