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Planning a golf tournament for your workplace or group in Ontario’s Highlands can make for a fun getaway for you and your co-workers and friends. There are many golf courses open during the spring/summer golfing season and several resorts offer tournaments. If you’re simply visiting the region and want to find some new golf buddies to play with for a good cause, you’ll likely find a tournament to participate in.

Golf Tournament Types

Many golf tournaments raise funds for a local charity or organization such as a sports team. These events are a great way to meet local golf enthusiasts while also contributing to a good cause. If you have a large family, you could organize a tournament as an annual family reunion – even those in the family who don’t like golfing will like coming to Ontario’s Highlands to relax and enjoy the cottage country life.

Chances are if you sign up for a golf tournament, there will be food involved. Typically an event kicks off with a pre-game breakfast, followed by a lunch and possibly even a dinner in the resort club afterward.

Most golf clubs can accommodate a tournament anywhere from two dozen players to more than 100 golfers looking to hit the green. Check each golf club or resort’s website for upcoming tournaments and events you can play in while staying in the region.

Golf Tournaments in Ontario’s Highlands

If you’re looking for a tournament to play in, we recommend visiting each golf club or resort’s individual website for upcoming events that are accepting individual golfers or groups of players. The summer months are usually chockfull of golf tournaments throughout the region.

Dorothy Griffith Memorial Golf Tournament, Perth Golf Course – An annual golfing event in August that includes 18 holes of golf with fun games streamed throughout the links
Terlin Golf Tournament for CHEO, Dragonfly Golf Links – To raise money for the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario
Hospice Renfrew Fundraising Tournament, Dragonfly Golf Links – Funds support the hospice facility


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