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ATVing & Motocross

ATVing in Ontario's Highlands

ATVs and motocross vehicles continue to gain in popularity as more people discover the thrill of this off-road sport that also brings riders closer to nature. Bring some excitement to your vacation stay and discover the numerous self-driven ATV trails and guided tours that are available in the region.

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There’s an entire world of rugged terrain and wilderness waiting to be discovered from the seat of an ATV. Every turn on the off-road trails brings a new thrill. Just think of the history that’s taken place out there in the wilderness – near that rushing river, in that abandoned mine, across that secluded lake. ATVing in Ontario’s Highlands is a great bonding experience for friends and family and one of the best ways to enjoy the freedoms of nature.

About All-Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) – A closer look at these recreational vehicles, including the various types and brands
About ATVing in the Ottawa Valley – An overview of the trails, obtaining a trail pass, plus other useful information
Ottawa Valley ATV Club – An organization promoting safe, responsible, family-oriented ATV riding; website includes trail status, trail rules, and video and photo galleries
Haliburton ATV Association – Information on trail maps, retail pass sellers, accommodations, weather, and more from Ontario’s largest ATV club
Get started riding ATVs – Learn the basics about riding an ATV, from gear, where to get training, and the fundamentals of controlling an ATV
Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance ATV guide – A training guide that teaches about control, reading terrain, and turning and climbing hills
Safety code for ATV riders, Renfrew County ATV Club – Easy to remember safety tips on how to ride safely and responsibly


The name “motocross” says it all – this motor vehicle, cross-country sport demands riders to go off the beaten track and explore new terrain down forest trails, up craggy hills, and through muddy riverbeds. You can expect to get a little dirty from the spray of mud and water, engine revving as you take on the next obstacle. There are kilometres of trails to explore in this region for hours of fun and excitement.

Things to know about motocross – A brief history about ATVing and what to expect from this popular sport
Getting started with motocross – Information on mechanical safety and protective gear

ATV and Motocross Trails

Haliburton County Rail Trail – A 35-kilometre trail extending from Haliburton to Kinmount
IB & O Rail Trail – Explore heavily forested areas to beautiful lakes and wetlands
Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance – Experience an array of changes along this trail as the granite shield of the north runs into the limestone base of the old Ontario Lake bed to the south
Kaladar Trail – Trans Canada Trail Section – This trail is user pay and is part of the CP rail corridor, linking westerly to Tweed and easterly to Sharbot Lake
Renfrew County ATV Club Inc. – Travel over many kilometres of groomed trails, past pristine lakes, and through outstanding conservation areas
Thomas P. Murray Recreational Trails – This combination trail links together at least six trails for multiple activity within a day

Find more ATV and motocross trails in Ontario’s Highlands on the following websites:

ATV trails, Haliburton Highlands Trails & Tours Network – A century’s worth of logging trails through beautiful forest and over rocky landscape
Off-road ATV trails, Haliburton Highlands Trails & Tours Network – Trails that take you over rocks and hills, through mud and bush
ATV trails, Renfrew County ATV Club – A 400-kilometre network of trails built on a foundation of abandoned rail lines and forest access roads

ATVing & Motocross Resources

Location: P.O. Box 1444 255 Metcalf Street, Tweed

Your backyard just got bigger! Welcome to the Eastern Ontario Trail Alliance, your guide to outdoor recreation and adventure in Eastern Ontario.

(613) 478-1444
Location: PO Box 946, Haliburton County

As part of a 2,000 kilometre system of trails of the Haliburton Highlands is home to the largest managed ATV trails systems in Ontario. These trails which are mapped, signed and insured, range from smooth to rough terrain and offer a variety for riders.

(705) 286-2368
Location: 40484 Highway 41, Pembroke

The Renfrew County ATV Club works with the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance offering ATV'ing excitement on its many miles of managed trails that meander through forests, lake view vistas and remarkable Ontario Lanscapes. Explore a 400-kilometre net

(613) 735-7646


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