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Truly make your trip about the journey and not the destination from atop of a motorcycle. With your senses heightened and the ability to feel the road and the elements around you, motorcycling makes it possible to fully experience the beauty of nature that makes up Ontario’s Highlands. Learn more about this motorsport and why motorcyclists love riding through this region in the warmer months.

Motorcycling in Ontario’s Highlands

Take the turns of the winding Opeongo Line through Renfrew County. See the glorious treetops and their golden hues in autumn while the cool fall wind pushes against your body. Drive through the panoramic Bonnechere Valley. This is only a snippet of what to expect when motorcycling through Ontario’s Highlands.

Ottawa Valley Tour, Motorcycle Mojo – An article outlining the experiences of motorcyclist Adrian Blake on his journey through Ontario’s Highlands
Ottawa Valley Motorcycle Adventures (video) – Video about motorcycling through the intriguing array of scenic back roads in the Ottawa Valley

Motorcycle Equipment

Riding a motorcycle can be an adrenaline rush, but it can also be dangerous. Novice riders or those unfamiliar with the driving terrain will want to take extra precaution. Read on for information on protective gear, how to get a license, and other safety tips.

The first steps to riding a motorcycle – A checklist of things to consider before riding a motorcycle
Licensing for motorcycle riders in Ontario – Information from the Ministry of Transportation on how to acquire a motorcycle license in Ontario

Motorcycle Trails

Get ready to burn rubber along the many motorcycle trails that loop in and out of dense landscapes and along off-road bike trails. You can soar through the wilderness with nothing but the sound of rock and leaves crunching under your tires and the wind in your ears for kilometres to come. Trails vary in difficulty and length and many bring you through or nearby towns and villages for a pit stop when needed.

Donald Trail, Haliburton Highlands – One of a series of unmanaged trails in and around Gooderham, Ontario
Pencil Lake Trail, Haliburton Highlands – An easy, 23- kilometre trail that travels up and down gentle rolling hills and cuts through forests, fens, bogs, and marshes
Loom Lake Loop, Haliburton Highlands – An advanced trail that runs 55 kilometres through large loose rock with quick elevation changes
Good Ten Trail, Haliburton Highlands – A moderate and short trail that includes rocky obstacles
Motorcycle routes, Ottawa Valley – A map of motorcycle routes in the Ottawa Valley
Motorcycle roads, Haliburton – Choose from eight routes that vary from 150 kilometres to more than 400 kilometres in length
Motorcycling in Ontario – Find a trip planner and road maps from this Ontario Canada website
Motorcycling at Calabogie Peaks – Discover motorcycling routes, news, and more in Calabogie Peaks

More Motorcycling Resources

Motorcycling is more than a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Get together with other motorcyclists and fans while staying in Ontario’s Highlands.

Ottawa Valley Motorcycle & Tattoo Show – Fans of tattoos and custom vehicles come together to share their passions
Calabogie Motorsports Park – An open track format and on-track coaching for experience drivers only


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