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Unique Adventures


When friends and family ask about your visit to Ontario’s Highlands, you’ll be able to tell them about your trip of a lifetime when you opt for one of these unique winter adventures.

Enjoy being at one with nature as you glide through the snow on a dogsled, a truly Canadian experience, or experience the excitement of a more extreme sport such as ice climbing.

You might be familiar with luge from the Winter Olympics, but have never known where to try it. We have it all right here in Ontario’s Highlands! Even if it’s as simple as throwing your first curling rock, there are many exciting winter experiences to choose from.


Escape into the brisk and beautiful winter wilderness while gliding over snow drifts on a sled drawn by a pack of huskies. It may sound surreal, but this truly Canadian winter adventure is waiting for you in Ontario’s Highlands. Experienced tour operators will prepare you with everything you need to know before embarking on this journey. Get ready to yell “mush!”

Dogsledding, Haliburton Forest & Wildlife Reserve – More than 300 kilometres of groomed trails and more than 130 exuberant Siberian Huskies await you
Dogsledding trails, Ontario Trails Council – Find dogsledding trails in Haliburton, Smiths Falls, and Tweed
Sled Dog Races, Marmora Snofest – Watch these swift and excited huskies pull their masters quickly towards the finish line at the Marmora Snofest’s 30-mile, 6-mile, 4-mile, and 2-mile sled dog races
Winterdance Dogsled Tours, Haliburton – Book a tour with this family-run business that operates with more than 140 registered purebred Siberian Huskies
Dogsledding, Yours Outdoors, Haliburton – Glide through winter on a dogsled for an amazing experience filled with adventure, beautiful winter vistas, and exuberant, trained Siberian Huskies
Dogsledding, Highland Wilderness Tours, Maynooth – Experience this amazing winter thrill as a high-powered dog team shows you the way through the snow
Dogsledding, Ottawa Valley – Discover how it feels to soar down snow-covered trails behind a team of beautiful and athletic sled dogs
Dogsledding, Pure Life Adventures, Ottawa Valley – Learn hands on how to navigate your dog team through the corners and over the hills

Ice Climbing

Ascend a cascade of frozen water and icicles on your journey to the icy summit. You’ll reach cool new heights with your ice climbing experience, and can choose to scale man-made ice walls through an experience package company or natural formations on your own terms in the great outdoors.

Ice climbing, Yours Outdoors, Haliburton – Scale a 50-foot man-made ice wall with experienced instructors guiding you along the way
Ice climbing, Haliburton Lake – Climb the icy ascents of Phantom Krispies, Frosted Flakes, Slim Pickins, Froot Loops, and Captain Crunch – note that permission is needed to cross private property
Ontario ice climbing app – An ice climbing guidebook for Ontario ice climbers & Ice climbing on, Bancroft – An article about the rising popularity of Bancroft as an ice climbing mecca
Climber’s Guide to Ontario Rock and Ice, Bancroft – Seven ice climbing spots mapped out near Bancroft


You may recognize luge as the Olympic sport where an athlete propels himself and a sled down an icy tunnel on a fast-paced descent to the bottom. In Ontario, you can experience this not very well known sport in Bancroft and Haliburton – with the safety of a helmet – on your choice of a proper, manmade luge track or natural track down the side of a hill.

Luge, Bancroft – Steer yourself down the only luge track in Canada located east of Alberta
Luge, Haliburton – This 900 metre, natural track sweeps down the side of a hill hugging its natural contours

Ice Skating

Lace up a pair of skates, don your favourite mittens, and get gliding across the ice for an afternoon of active entertainment. You choose whether to skate across a frozen lake surrounded by the frosty white outdoors or to head inside and take advantage of well-maintained rink ice in milder temperatures. Either way, ice skating can provide hours of enjoyment for all ages throughout the winter months.

Skating, Ottawa Valley – A list of indoor/outdoor skating rinks to enjoy from mid-November through to March
North Hastings Community Centre Ice Skating Rink, Bancroft – Get on the ice and get ready for a great ice skating experience
Stirling District Recreation Centre Ice Skating Rink, Stirling – Founded in 1976, this indoor rink is open year-round
Marmora Arena Ice & Roller Skating Rink, Marmora – Founded in 1949, this indoor rink is open year-round
Tweed-Hungerford Community Centre Ice Skating Rink, Tweed – Enjoy ice skating, ice hockey, pickup hockey, and skating lessons at this year-round ice rink
Carleton Place Arena Ice Skating Rink, Carleton Place – Take part in public ice skating, figure skating, skating lessons, and hockey at this seasonal rink that is open September through March


Now’s your chance to try curling, one of the coolest sports around. The rules of this ice-based sport are easy to learn, when the basics involve perfecting how to throw a curling rock down a sheet of ice towards the circular target. Grab some friends and head over to the nearest curling club to get started.

Curling, Ottawa Valley – It’s easy to find a sheet of ice for tossing a few stones in the Ottawa Valley
Haliburton Curling Club, Haliburton – Club features state-of-the-art ice-making plant, a full-time ice maker, and a newly renovated clubhouse
Bancroft Curling Club, Bancroft – Located in Bancroft on Newkirk Boulevard
Perth Curling Club, Perth – One of the oldest clubs in the Ottawa Valley
Smiths Falls Curling and Squash Club, Smiths Falls – A sports and recreation complex serving the community of Smiths Falls
Carleton Place Curling Club, Carleton Place – Club offers bonspiels, leagues, and rentals
Almonte Curling Club, Almonte – Established in 1855, this club is the eighth oldest curling club in North America
Minden Curling Club, Minden – Check the club’s website for the current schedule and upcoming events
Land O’ Lakes Curling Club, Land O’ Lakes – Club offers free, 30-minute lessons to anyone who wants to learn the game; also check out the Land O’Lakes Curling Club Facebook Page

Haliburton Winter Activities

Make the most of the winter during your visit to the Haliburton Highlands. Avoid hiding indoors and get out into the fresh air, where you can ski or snowboard down the local ski hill or even try your luck at luging – a sport that isn’t just for Olympic athletes. For family-oriented activities, there’s always tobogganing and ice skating.

Check out the Haliburton Highlands Trails & Tours Network website for more information on winter activities.

Unique Adventures Resources

Location: 7100 Gelert Rd, Haliburton

Team of draft horses pulls sleigh across open fields and through woods. Call ahead for rates and dates.

(705) 457-2149
Location: 239 East Lake Rd, P.O. Box 211, Maynooth

Open all Year! Dogsledding, Snowmobiling, Horse Camps, Trail Riding and a Riding Academy - we've got your covered!

(613) 338-2330
Location: 39 Chemin Steinke, Ladysmith

Get IN to the Outdoors!! SUMMER: WW & FW Canoeing, Navigation, Dog Sledding, Wagon Rides WINTER: Dog Sledding, Snowshoeing, Winter Camping, Sleigh Rides GROUPS: Corporate, Youth, School, Community, Couples Getaways and Retreats Get IN to the Outdoors!

(819) 647-5476
Location: 720 Hass Rd., Boulter

wagon rides sleigh rides garden market pioneer day

(613) 332-5423
Location: 235 Squire Rd., Stirling

Horseback Riding and Driving at it's funnest!

(613) 395-3291
Location: P.O. Box 631 6577 Haliburton Lake Road, Haliburton

Based on the southwest doorstep of Algonquin Park, our 150 Purebred Siberian Huskies & our family can't wait to share our 5000 acre private rugged wilderness with you! Come learn to dogsled this winter with Ontario's only Iditarod & Yukon Quest kennel!

(705) 457-5281
Location: 1344 Barry Line R.R.# 1, Haliburton

Yours Outdoors offere unique experiences in art, culture, and nature in the Haliburton Highlands. Our single and multiday packages are original, engaging, enlightening, and will connect you with communities and the great outdoors

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